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Qualified and Adept Tree Climbers

Our professional tree climbers can access the trees on your property that demand proper tree care. With our improved accessibility, we can trim and remove trees more quickly and efficiently. Our tree climbing service is performed with the utmost safety to protect our trained experts, you and your property. If interested in our tree climbing service to manage your tree care needs safely and efficiently, contact us today.

Achieving Efficiency With Tree Climbing Service

If you need assistance with a tree project, our tree climbing services will make a difference to your requests. We can do so much for your trees with our tree climbing services. Our tree climbers can:

  • Install outdoor lighting
  • Inspect lighting mechanism per request basis
  • Properly trim trees
  • Safely remove trees
  • Tie off limbs for removal and pruning

At Luis 332 Tree Service LLC, we take extreme care when performing tree climbing services. Our goal is to secure the safety of our employees and people nearby. We’re equipped with quality rigging gear, from ropes and pulleys to carabiners and pole saws. If you need our tree climbers to tie off any limbs or sections of your trees for a safe and easier removal, then contact our Orange County tree climbing professionals. We’re experienced in the science of tree care and can diagnose, treat and prevent diseases that come associated with trees.


Luis and his crew did a great job of removing a giant palm tree from our front yard. We were impressed with their knowledge, skills and professional work. Highly recommend it!

Suzanne R

Luis and his crew were awesome. Very professional and did a great job. Cleaned up all the debris and did everything I asked for. Will use them again for sure

Jimmy S

The crew arrived on time. They did what they said they would. Didn’t damage anything. Cleaned up. Didn’t price gouge and were courteous

Bill M

Luis and his crew are experienced professionals. We recently purchased a home with many trees on the property that needed attention. Some were unhealthy and needed to be removed. We could not have been able to afford all the work needed if it hadn’t been for Luis’ Tree Service. Luis told me he wanted to take care of us and he was true to his word. He gave us a very fair price for all the work needed. Prior to hiring Luis, I did my due diligence and had three other companies come out and give me estimates. Luis topped them all. And best of all he is licensed and insured which was very important to me because of where some of my trees are located in my backyard. While other companies seemed a bit intimidated by the job and told me it would take a couple of days to get the job done, Luis came in with his crew and confidently got the job done by 4 o’clock on the same day. I cannot say enough about what a great company Luis Tree Service is and I highly recommend it to anyone. We will be definitely contacting them again for future Tree Service.

Jannette R

Very professional and considerate of his customers. I highly recommend Luis Tree Service.

Janet C

They were punctual, reasonable and professional. I would recommend Luis Tree Service and Removals to my friends, family and clients.

Jenny R

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